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Default Re: nVidia driver 1.0-96xx causes glitches, artifacts and crashes on Ubuntu Edgy/Feis

I have exactly the same problem as judebert. (I came across this thread searching for "NVIDIA(0): Error recovery failed"). I have a ASUS A7N266-VM motherboard with an Athlon 1.7GHz CPU. I am running Fedora 7 with the nvidia 9639 driver. I have tried most of the tips suggested earlier but none work (recompile with NV_CPA_NEEDS_FLUSHING, Disable Composite Extension, set various options of the nvidia driver in the Device section of xorg.conf, remove from /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, acpi=off noapic kernel parameters) - the windows are not refreshed properly. The only way I can use the nvidia driver and have the screen drawn properly is if I revert to the 7185 version.

My system was working properly with Redhat 9 and still works well with Windows XP. I am attaching the bug-report log file. It also seems that the other people with this problem are using the ASUS A7N266-VM motherboard (users judebert, IntuitiveNipple, drbisio).
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