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Default Re: Top Gun comes to HD DVD on 10/2/07!

Originally Posted by mcolbourn
I really don't get it, why? release a 20 year old fild on HD. The picture won't be any better that getting the normal DVD and upscaling it. OK the Audio may be a bit better but not much.
I hear this garbage all the time and don't know where people are getting this idea from. HD is NOT higher resolution than film. In order it is like this.... VHS then DVD then HD then film (I know there are other steps but I am keeping it simple). Just because a movie is old doesn't mean it will look like crap on an HD transfer.
People give DVD too much credit. Yea it looks good but it is still way below HD quality and extremely below film quality. Please understand this and put the word out to others so this misinformation can be squashed.
Also upscaling a dvd is not even close to being as good as a good HD transfer.
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