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Default GT 8600 and suspend


I have problems using suspend to disk an suspend to ram.

I have a 8600 GT on a Gigabyte M57SLI-S4 mainboard, running with the 100.14.09 drivers under sid, xorg and beryl. HW-Accelerations works without any problems.

However when I try suspend to disk oder suspend to ram I loose some acceleration after resuming. The 3D acceleration (e.g. in beryl) still works, but all KDE-Programms get horribly slow (e.g. you can see the lines scroll in konsole). However the 2D performance in firefox is as fast as before resuming.

I'm using s2ram --force --vbe_post to suspend. Xorg uses the NvAGP-Module. The Debian Kernel boot with the parameters "acpi_use_timer_override agp=off".

Has anyone any ideas what goes wrong and how to fix it ?

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