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Default Re: Top Gun comes to HD DVD on 10/2/07!

Originally Posted by shabby
Have you watched the terminator or terminator 2 on bluray? Its 1080p yet looks like ass compared to any recent 1080p movies.
No, I haven't but I would bet that's the fault of the transfer not the film itself unless they used a craptacular master to start with in which case any dvd, HD or otherwise could look like crap . Film is higher resolution than HD please see my post above and try not to spread misinformation.

I just read a review on High Def Digest on the Terminator Blu ray DVD and they said it looked quite good considering the film source.

Like I said if the source isn't the greatest to begin with then of course you can't get a diamond from a poop pile. HD simply brings you closer to how the movie looked originally on film. If it looked grainy on film or was poorly shot then you will just get closer to that original vision. I heard a lot of people gripe saying that the new dvd of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre that was shot on lowly 16mm film couldn't look any better than the old Pioneer non anamorphic disc. Yet here we are with the new remastered anamorphic dvd from an HD transfer and it looks incredible. I hear the HD transfer itself from the film is outstanding.

I stand by my statement, just because a movie is old doesn't mean it will look like crap on an HD transfer. Yes there will be some that do but that is also true of newer movies too wether on plain old DVD or HD DVD/Blu ray.

Think about back when dvd first came out, some of the dvds that came out were of movies that had been out just recently and now looking back, those dvds are not the hottest looking ones out. Was that the fault of the dvd or the film and did it mean film was just crappy looking as well as dvd? No it was the transfers themselves. As they learned how to do better transfers and utilize dvds better they started looking a lot better.
Understand now?
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