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Originally posted by Morrow
Why should they do it in a smarter way if they deliberately want the cheats to be found? Maybe this is really their goal, to screw FutureMark with continously releasing cheats in their drivers to synthetically increase the score for their cards?

I mean, 3dmark03 is obviously an unfair benchmark. FM wants to bench standard performance however games use optimized paths where nvidia hardware shines (like with SSE2 optimizations on P4, the P4 is unbeatable with SSE optimized instructions, that's the reason why AMD was so interested in integrating SSE2 in their Hammer CPUs). The R3x0 has more raw power which favorites Radeons in 3dmark03.

Adding to that, the fact that Radeons use the faster FP24 mode in contrast to the much slower FP32 but higher IQ mode of the GeForces doesn't say anything positive about the fairness of this bench. When nvidia used FP16 for 3dmark03 they were called cheater because they used lower precision. Now that nvidia is using FP32 and ATI still using the faster FP24 because it's the only mode they support, does that make ATI also cheater because they are using a lower precision than nvidia?

Hopefully you have noticed by now that 3dmark03 can impossible be a fair benchmark. The current two biggest architectures (R3x0 and nv3x) are too different to create a fair benchmark. Synthetic benchmarks are ending here...
Good points. We agree that we don't like 3DMark and it's useles.
I think you will see ATI and Nvidia growing more apart and doing things their own way.

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