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Default Re: The Darkness Review

Originally Posted by Burner_Tbird2
1.) DAMN EvilChris you really can't help yourself can you? So Magus is biased but its ok for you to come into a perfectly civilized console-neutral thread and make sarcastic inciting remarks based on a game and console you don't even own

2.) I've had some low framerate issues on my PS3 version of Darkness. They were sparce and tended to occur during scripted heavy action events. I'm currently running 1080p but I'm going to try setting my PS3 max res to 1080i and see if that takes some strain off.

3.) Great game, can't wait to get off work so I can go back to playing it.
Could you let us know if you get the same frame rate issues on 720p and 1080i. Would be good to know.
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