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Question nVidia GeForce Go 7600 on Linux

Hello all!

A friend of mine has been trying to switch to Linux for a while, and he's been without 3D acceleration for just as long. It seems that there are no nVidia drivers for his card! I've had him try to build the new and old versions, but i went nearly insane trying to get the kernel source to work without having direct access to the terminal. (Closest we got was that it "couldn't reconize the version of the kernel source in /usr/src/linux" from a clean install of the kernel-source + kernel-syms packages.)

That said, he was running SuSE Linux 10.2 so he had also tried installing via YaST. Neither worked. YaST got the closest, with a driver that showed nothing but a blank screen and a white horizontal line that represented the cursor. (For those of you who have played UT 2004 on Linux, its like when your connecting to the server on the black screen except with out the white text that says "Connecting to " and the URL.)

He has been using a nVidia GeForce Go 7600 with his laptop. Apparently it works fine with Windows and its Linux or its drivers causing the problems. When trying Sabayon's Live CD, the regular boot and graphical install modes do not show the X11 Server - It leaves him with a blank console (Same for all other options - Since its an X driver problem).

I know the Linux drivers work. I've been using them a lot, and they are in general easy to install (I've never had the same problems as him with the kernel source, and i even prefer compiling it over using YaST on SuSE because i actually think its easier.) but he can't get anything more than nv and vesa working. Which brings up another issue - though it doesn't support 3D acceleration - is the nv driver more compatible than the nvidia driver? (In my honest opinion it seems about the same speed for 2D - but I'm probably wrong.)

Thanks in advance. And if anyone knows please tell me why I can't find this particular card in the nVidia driver finder tool thing - Its almost like it doesn't exist (even though it has a homepage at the nVidia website)
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