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Originally posted by Morrow

There is just one thing which confuses me: FM said they want to benchmark standard 3d performance in future games! How can they put "standard code" and "future games" in one sentence since we all know that current games and future games will rely heavyly on driver optimization (especially "the" future game for many years come, namely Doom3). It's all about optimization and vendor specific paths so how can 3dmark03 be a reliable indicator of future games?

All I know now is that I will not use 3dmark to decide whether I'm going to buy an ATI or nvidia graphiccard but I will wait until the next generations games are out (HL2, DX2. Doom3) and then decide which card performs the best... I believe this 3dmark03 bench is as synthetic as it gets...
I wish more people would think like this!!!!

Games Optimize and if your trying to get how good a card is in games then dont you think you should Optimize yourself so you can TRUELY reflect this....Just like the Althon(Ati) can run standard code a lot better the the P4(Nvidia) once you optimize both the most you can the P4 ends up winning by a little the question is WHY IS EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I LOOK AGAINST THIS!!!
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