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Default Details of new versioning

Are the two legacy drivers going to switched over to the new versioning scheme, or will they be kept as 1.0-xxxx? If they will be switched, do you already know the numbering you are going to use?

Also, can the possible dropping of hardware support for older models be figured out by inspecting the version number? For example, do you raise the "100" to "101" (and maintain "100" series as a legacy driver) if and only if support is dropped?

As much info as you can give would be useful for me, as I'm maintaining a set of NVIDIA driver rpm packages for Mandriva Linux and I'm not sure with what names I should call the different versions. For example, do I make the latest one "nvidia100" (if 101 will mean support dropped for some cards), or "nvidia10x" (if 110 will mean support dropped for some cards), or something else.
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