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Default Re: edid vs. modeline

Thank you very much, be assured by now I am intimately familiar with the readme.

I tried your modeline with the useedidfreq option, and it appears to work at first. But what happens is that the driver falls back to the edid 1280x1024 mode as "backend", so the modeline is not actually used. See netllamas note above. Only when I specify the exactmodetimingsdvi option, the modeline is actually used. But then I get no signal delivered, or the signal is refused, not sure which.

This happens even when I use a modeline which should be exactly equivalent to the 1280x1024 edid mode, as reported in the Xorg.0.log. This is still a mystery to me. Actually, sofar, I was not able to find any custom modeline which produced a result. That is why I asked for input.

I think I will try an older driver next. Could that be promising ? It basically means I am out of ideas.

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