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Default Re: edid vs. modeline

Originally Posted by AaronP
You'll need to use the mode timings of the DFP's native backend mode. You can find these in Xorg.0.log if you start X with the -logverbose 6 option.
Yes, I understand. The problem, I think, is that the driver needs the EDID to know the native backend mode. However, I do not have good EDID information.

The setup is this:

7900GS -- DVI-D --> 3dp pci-card -- vga-BNC --> projector

The 3dp has an EDID but it has wrong information because the projector does not (probably can not due to BNC cabling) provide EDID information to the 3dp. So I would like to completely ignore the EDID information. For example the 3dps default preferred edid mode is 1400x1050. The projector resolution is 1280x1024.

All attempts to avoid using an EDID however resulted in a "no input" warning on the projector.

There seems something special the driver does when using edid information in addition to using the timing information. Is that possible ?

Thanks for the continued interest in this dry matter.

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