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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by slaWter
Well minimum framerate is a very important factor to improve the playability.
I've never compared those games on the E6600 and the quad. Thanks for the info.

AVG or Max FPS are limited by the GPU power, especially in Dirt and LP.
With a quick comparsions :
Dirt was hovering around 40s/30s most of the time on the C2Q , with a C2D i get to 20s several times esp when there are lots of CPU calculations. (display res was not the same but you can still tell). like when all buggies jump over the hill & land at once my fps goes to 25fps or so where the C2Q gets higher fps .. something around 27-30fps.

for LP , the snow level is GPU limited but the cave is definitely CPU limited (lots of mosquitos & the such)
you can easily check that by changing the cocurrent rendering ops number (4,3,2,1 cores)
for ex. i was getting AVG of 43fps on the X2 4800+ no matter what res/aa+af i use , with the C2D now i'm getting 51fps!
my friend gets something in the range of 70s IIRC with the C2Q!!

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