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Default Re: GLX broken, FBSD 6.2, xorg 7.2, nvidia 100.14.11

Thanks, but that is my current setup: The last thing I tried was to uninstall graphics/libGL and x11/nvidia-driver, and build and install the latest driver directly from nvidia. No go.

I suppose I could try rebuilding xorg with neither the graphics/libGL, nor the x11/nvidia-driver port. The problem I've had with that is that when the xorg build gets to the x11/xdriinfo port it dies, looking for libGL (or equivalent). Perhaps if I install the latest non-port nvidia driver at that point xdriinfo will continue.

Sure would be nice if someone could tell me whether or not that's worth the effort. I'd hate to have to rebuild xorg yet AGAIN.

Surely SOMEONE knows what those missing symbols are and what library they are supposed to get linked in from.... Clearly libglx is missing some symbols that were available during build... where did they go??

- Matt
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