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Default More Stuff on Redhat 8


Being the uber dude I am, I decided it was time to update from the stock (and imho bloated) Redhat 8 kernel.

I downloaded the 2.4.20 kernel and got to work.

Anyway, after the kernel was built I attempted to get sound back up by rebuilding the nforce tarball drivers.

The nvnet module worked fine - the sound module didn't!

It was giving me some unresolved symbols. something like ac97.o and ac97codec.o.

I decided to do some investigation and realised that in the out of the box redhat 8 kernel comes with the ac97.o and ac97codec.o modules already built.

So all i needed to do was to enable sound support in a kernel compile for a card that builds these two modules. After reading one of the makefiles located in the ac97 kernel source directory I noticed that many sound devices use these modules So it was just a matter of picking one. I chose the VIA686XX style support. Then recompiled my modules and wolla!

I now had working ac97.o and ac97codec.o modules

Now i resinstalled the nforce drivers and all is good now

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone out there still struggling with the nforce 2 chipset. Moreover I hope this helps users of other distros who are having problems with unresolved symbols.

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