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Default Thinking of selling some speakers...

Hey all, I'm considering selling my old LXI's. And yes, they are old. Here's some pics of one of 'em:

My camera sucks with close-up shots, sorry. If you need to know anything about the frequencies and db just let me know-

Anyhow, I've kind of out grown these speakers. They've been great for the 7 or so years I've had them. Their sound is awesome, in just quality alone they rival what you'll hear at the theater- just only a fraction as loud though. Anywho- I'm just wondering what you guys think I should ask for them. I don't consider my self and audiophile by any means... and I know compared to newer floor standing speakers these are probably rather crappy- due to them using paper cones and also taking up so much space. But hey, the upside to thier size is you can use them as shelves. You'll notice in one of the above pics I've got the speaker next to a computer tower to help show it's size. Any how, here are some specs:

The speakers are 3-way, High-fidelity bass reflex with 12" woofer, 4 1/2" midrange, and a 3 1/2" tweeter. They are rated at 100 watts each, 8 ohm input, 2/10 KHz crossover frequence- any other info you need to guage a price, just let me know. I realise I'm not going to be getting much- but a little is better than nothing.

Oh, I also have the stereo that originaly accompanied these speakers. The amp must be connected to the dual cassette deck, 5-ban graphic stereo equalize, and FM/AM tuner in order for it to work. It's one of those annoying kind of amps that wont run seperated from the other components. But, it puts out great sound quality and moderately high volumes. It is a 200 watt amp (100w x 2). As of now, the stereo is not for sale, though that may change. If interested, I still have the original stereo case (you know, the old wooden shelving with the glass front that houses the stereo components) and all the original documentation for the stereo and speakers. The only item I no longer have is the record player as it died long ago.

Thanks for all your input.


I did not put this in the F/S Forum cause they aren't for sale yet- I put this thread here cause I'm merely trying to find out what I should ask for them. Also, once a price is established, I'll be needing some advice about my plans for my audio setup- but that can come after a price for these speakers is established. Thanks again for all your input.
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