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Default Re: Pioneer DFP/ GeForce4 DVI-HDMI Finally got 1080i but doesn't look right...

Originally Posted by Writher
My apologies for not telling you when I went to sleep.
No problem. It happens in forums. I was afraid that your shiny new DFP had gone up in smoke.

Might be in the DPI though the driver did calculate it. Suggest you add these options:
"ExactModeTimingsDVI" "FALSE"
"DPI" "100x100"

Another PC for Win/Powerstrip is no problem though I think the modeline you have is fine. As I recall it matches your EDID data.

Taking daughter to movies so I'll be gone for a few hours. Still think you've almost got this. Look forward to a crystal clear screenshot when I get back!

Good luck.
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