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Default Problems with twinview and opengl games

Currently running a dual head twinview setup (primary screen on right and secondary on left). Both screens have identical resolutions (1680x1050) and i have meta modes for having dual screens, and then also having the left monitor(secondary) blank, with various resolutions on the primary monitor for gaming.

There are 2 bugs that seem to exhibit with this setup:

1. Any fullscreen game i try (urban terror, quake IV, various wine games) will cause the correct mode change (the secondary monitor goes off, and the primary switches to correct resolution), however the game starts half way across the monitor with half off screen, if i move mouse to the right it eventually uses fullscreen and stays that way (my current xorg.conf has metamodes with +0+0 but this also happens without that). This problem doesnt seem to occur when i have primary monitor on left, and secondary on the right. It also happens regardless of my DynamicTwinView setting.

2. Mouse movements seem very limited, there seem to be boundaries on how far i can turn before it stops working. For instance, i start a game of urban terror, and i can only turn right or left in approximately a 180 degree arc. Even in the menus i cant alwasy move mouse across the full screen. My current conf doesnt have a mouse section (auto detection seems to be working properly) but i would get the same behaviour with the default mouse section that ubuntu generates, and any variation using ImPS/2 and Explorer/PS2 for the protocol (evdev just locks X for some reason, but i doubt thats due to nvidia)

The xorg atatched in the log has gone through some changes, but both these problems exist regardless of anything i have been able to do.
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