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Default Re: Thinking of selling some speakers...

I just didn't think you would get much for the LXIs.

Anywho, you have to match the ohm load to the system. If it's an 8 ohm stereo then your total impedance from the speakers needs to equal that. A regular old multimeter is a good device to check ohm loads. You also must watch how you wire the speakers together as to not throw the ohm load off.

Two 8 ohm woofers wired in parallel together actually is a 4 ohm load, if you wire them in series, you will make it a 16 ohm load. The same goes for 4 ohm woofers...wired in parallel will produce 2 ohms, wired in series will produce 8 ohms. This is a trick amp makers use to produce more power. If you put a lower ohm load on the amplifier, it will output more power because of less resistance. You just have to make sure you amplifier is rated for it or risk a chance of something frying.
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