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Talking Re: GLX broken, FBSD 6.2, xorg 7.2, nvidia 100.14.11

That did it: something had installed libGL* into /usr/local/lib, AND /lib ! I removed those by hand and then reinstalled the x11/nvidia-driver port and it works fine now. I was also able to rebuild x11/xdriinfo after the nvidia driver installed (although it doesn't work, saying "libGL is too old" when I try to run it).

This might be a lesson worth noting for anyone on FreeBSD 6, doing a fresh install of xorg 7.2 and related ports after an uninstall of xorg 6.9 (which I chose to do after the upgrade procedure for xorg described in /usr/ports/UPDATING proved too tedious due to the large number of ports I had installed). Make sure after you uninstall everything that libGL and friends are completely removed!
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