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Originally posted by Behemoth
lets investigate further on your example:

1) 2+2=4
2) 2^2=4

assume operation ^ is PS2 shader
assume operation + is IHV siturational shader
assume both integers on the left side are inputs.
assume the integer on right side is output.

futuremark is testing PS2 shader performance of a video card, since the driver maker knows in this particular case, with input 2,2, both shaders are mathematically functional outputly identical, if the driver maker substitute a IHV siturational shader +, do you think it is a cheat?
Yes, I think that is a cheat. And I referred you to CatalystMaker's comments. He said that is NOT what they are doing. They are NOT optimizing for specific cases of a function, but optimizing the WHOLE function.

If you think differently, you are saying he is a liar, which is fair enough. You are entitled to your opinion. But either ATI is lying, and they are cheating because they are not doing what they said, or they are not lying and they are not cheating because they are doing what they said. Those are the only 2 possibilities.
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