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Originally posted by Star_Hunter
I wish more people would think like this!!!!

Games Optimize and if your trying to get how good a card is in games then dont you think you should Optimize yourself so you can TRUELY reflect this....Just like the Althon(Ati) can run standard code a lot better the the P4(Nvidia) once you optimize both the most you can the P4 ends up winning by a little the question is WHY IS EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I LOOK AGAINST THIS!!!
GAMES optimize. ie, the coders who write the game are the ones optimizing. nvidia shouldn't be able to "optimize" whatever way they choose, because it is not their place to be doing such "optimization."

Can you not see the difference in reality here? Intel provides a compiler that optimizes for Intel CPUs. nvidia does the same thing with Cg. It is the developer's choice whether to use these optimizing compilers, whether to optimize by hand, or whether to do no specific IHV optimizations. In this case, it would be Futuremark's discretion to optimize or not. Clearly, they choose not to. nvidia has NO RIGHT to "optimize" the way they did.

Oh, and last time I checked, "optimizing" by lowering image quality was called cheating. This is what nvidia did. Not even considering the free cam stuff they did(ie, where image quality is only affected in free cam mode, which isn't a valid optimization anyway, since it ONLY helps time demos), they lowered IQ!
See for yourself. On the other hand, you can see that ATI's optimizations did not affect IQ at all.

You can also see why what nvidia did was horribly wrong by reading my comments in this thread. Essentially, all timedemos and scenes with shaders are now suspect.
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