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Default Re: Cannot switch to another session with 100.14.11.

Originally Posted by netllama
No, this was never a supported configuration. I'm afraid that if it worked in the past, you were lucky.
If you need to run multiple X servers, you'll need multiple GPUs.
nonsense. i never had probs with that feature in the past.
so if now comes to trouble, then nvidia changed the driver, period.

working like a charm on opensue with the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.09 driver and with ca. 50 or some of the previous drivers.

i've at the moment running kde, gnome and xfce with different users logged in on 3 different instances of X. Of course the second and third instance of X must be started out of the first one. in my case out of kde.

so much for being lucky.

i got no problem with buying another nvidia card (i'll definetelly buy two of them together with a new pcie mobo, all for XEN), but with your statement i get the feeling you wanna fool your paying customers. sorry being offending, but that says my guts.

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