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Originally posted by Morrow
Why should they do it in a smarter way if they deliberately want the cheats to be found? Maybe this is really their goal, to screw FutureMark with continously releasing cheats in their drivers to synthetically increase the score for their cards?
Along with making Futuremark and 3dmark03 look bad, nvidia has also raised the possibility of cheating in EVERY benchmark(including game benchmarks), as well as cheating in shader programs used in games.

Are we really supposed to be reassured by this?

Adding to that, the fact that Radeons use the faster FP24 mode in contrast to the much slower FP32 but higher IQ mode of the GeForces doesn't say anything positive about the fairness of this bench. When nvidia used FP16 for 3dmark03 they were called cheater because they used lower precision. Now that nvidia is using FP32 and ATI still using the faster FP24 because it's the only mode they support, does that make ATI also cheater because they are using a lower precision than nvidia?
Sigh. Look at a real world example. John Carmack said that NV30 ran the ARB2 path 50% slower than an R300 did. NV30 is using FP32, and R300 is using FP24. Now ask yourself why a 33% increase in precision would drop performance by 50%?

You also disregard some facts such as FP24 is the minimum precision required by DX9. No one told nvidia to support FP32. No one mad nvidia not support FP24 AND FP32. Dropping down to FP16(which nvidia did in 3dmark03) means that nvidia is cheating, because they are no longer in the DX9 spec. Sorry, nvidia has no one to blame but themselves.
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