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Default Re: Thinking of selling some speakers...

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
O....K. LOL.

For the center speaker, which I assume has one output from the amp, and two inputs to the speaker. The simple thing to do is run the + from the amp to one of the + on the speaker, run the - from the amp to the - on the other terminal, then run a single wire between the + of of the one terminal to the - of the other terminal. That is series wiring which will make the amp see it as a single speaker with an 8 ohm load. Much like this:

Okay, I just tried that- but now only the left speakers in my center box is outputting sound. The right woofer and tweeter isn't outputting anything. Is that what is supposed to happen? Is the one woofer and tweeter now safely running at 8 ohms, at the sacrifice of not having the other woofer and tweeter outputting sound? Or no? For now I just wired it as I had it before so both sides of the box is outputting audio. Thanks again for your help bud.


Sorry, I interpretted that picture wrong. It's working now. Thanks again.
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