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Default Re: Can't start two screens on GeForce4 MX 440

In your bug report I see:

(WW) NVIDIA(1): Option "UseDisplayDevice" requested "TV", but no unused TVs
(WW) NVIDIA(1): are available.
(II) NVIDIA(1): Option "UseDisplayDevice" "TV" converted to "".
(WW) NVIDIA(1): Unable to find any of the requested display device "" in the
(WW) NVIDIA(1): list of available display devices "".
(EE) NVIDIA(1): Unable to find available Display Devices for screen 1.

Are you able to drive both displays in Twinview, or if you make the TV the first X screen?

Also, 1.0-9631 is no longer supported. Please upgade to 1.0-9639.

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