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Originally Posted by jalyst
sorry, I'm getting confused by pranay's line of debate. I can't understand why it's so important for him to have HDCP functional under linux if one can already decrypt and play content without having to funnel it via HDCP. Perhaps I've missed what he's getting at?
pranay is providing content to be played with his proprietary player (full of DRM no doubt) and wants this content to be additionally protected by HDCP. His issue has nothing to do with playing hd-dvd or blu-ray.

Originally Posted by jalyst
How much of a "pain in the arse" is it to play AACS content in Linux? Anyone actually tried? Have you got to 1st decrypt, re-master & then play, or is it all done on the fly with little noticeable effect? (provided you've got the grunt)
Both are possible. To decrypt and store the decrypted video on your hard disk, use DumpHD. For on-the-fly, I've provided the commandline a few posts up in this thread. Things are not fully there yet, mplayer is missing a few audio codecs, but they're coming - writing the e-ac3 decoder is being sponsored by Google Summer of Code.
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