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Default Re: crazy colors! 100.14.09 with 8600m on macbook pro

I was just thinking today that it is quite convenient that whenever something doesn't work on an Apple they just don't acknowledge and keep spinning the same we have the best operating system and consider the users carp. That is until it has any effect publically. And then the people who disagree with them are called microsoft lovers. I'm not saying my Mactoaster Pro isn't a nice computer, just that they should have some consideration for their users who want to use their computer for more advanced things, as well as making it easy for the ones who just want to word process. After using OSX for about a month now I am quite positive that my linux system on my old 2.6G P4 runs faster, is easier to use and is more efficient than OSX on a core2duo with nvidia 8600m. And apt-get is a lot easier way to get software installed and the software is good and free.

I've come to the conclusion that I won't be able to run linux properly for a while on my Macbook Pro so figure I may as well vent so others don't end up buying one under false assumptions.

MacBook Pro
Standard operating temperature when placed on a surface idle: 46-50C
Standard operating temperature of graphics card idle: 55-60C
Operating temperature when in use of games: I saw 76C after a few mins
Windows support for shared graphics memory: out of box
Linux support for shared graphics memory: out of box + nvidia drivers installed
OSX support for shared graphics memory: Non-existent
Support for intel CPU on programs in OSX: ordinary, all new programs run natively anything older doesn't
VM applications for OSX: slow down system, quite annoying
Dual boot with rEFIt: quite nice, but windows went unstable due to APM and linux won't do sound or graphics.
X system on OSX: osx provides X windows but it is a bit slow and clunky. Some people got KDE working which is nice.

Apart from most of that I'm quite happy with my Macbook Pro. If they fix the things I listed I will be a very happy customer. I still think all this should've happened before they went on sale though.
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