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Originally posted by Behemoth
"Usually" means not always.
"this one in question was in particular to 3DM" means he is refering to 3DM only when he talks about all situations, he already hinted its situarational, was particular in 3DM, i can not understand his statements any better in any other way.

right, any argument can mean any argument, but only in particular to 3DM , because he said this one in question was in particular to 3DM

hey if they are the same, who expect there is any visual artifacts? futuremark suspected ati not using PS2 shaders not suspected ati's PS2 shaders have bugs! big difference.

why didnt he just say "we optimized the shaders"?
i will tell you, because if they got caught later it doesnt work in all siturations, they could explain "we didnt say it works in all siturations, it just doesnt change the end result in particular to 3DM"

this guy is unbelievable, he certainly was not lying, but i understand him perfectly.
he is saying what he is saying because that is what is being done..

read up about it on b3d forums where the guys have basically broken everything down and explained it as best as is possible...

concerning the optimizations... it is the code you optimize thats where the performance comes from basically... ati has already specified WHAT it optimized so I see no reason for you to pick on this point and overanalyze it... it has been stated already...

concerning the bugs... he has put that AFAIk in reference to nvidia also appearing to render everything with full precision but not actually rendering 'everything' and certainly with anomalies that are not expected...

coding can be done in many ways to achieve the same result... if you have worked with coding as I take it you have... you will know what I am talking abouit...

you can most often times... especially with long strings of code find better ways to work something... it is expected simply because there are things one finds out... new paths or whatever it may be... to make the overall load less while @ the same time doing EXACTLY the same work... I use the word efficiency

nvidia's drivers are not doing the SAME work though... they are CHANGING the workload...

ati's stance though... about removing said application specific optimizations... I can fully understand and it does show character to step up.. pinpoint exactly what you have done and why and then state that you are removing it... thus far nvidia has yet to come out with anything close to resembling a statement that explains what is going on in their test results even though it is blatantly obvious...
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