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Default Re: crazy colors! 100.14.09 with 8600m on macbook pro

Originally Posted by pepe#
Heh. Nothing like a little humor, linking to the exact same post twice

- debian unstable with vanilla 2.6.22-rc6
- mactel-linux patches(only if you want sensors)

Note the external keyboard. You can not open the lid, OSX will wake up and re-init the displays.

Well, thanks for your report. Have you tried ubuntu or FC7? Also, I wonder why the mactel-linux patches aren't in the mainline kernel yet. It seems like that would help a lot of people. Are they in the kernel of any distro?

For your lighting issues, have you tried the pommed package (v 1.7)? Or are you talking about something else?

So -- your nvidia works until you reboot, then you have to go through that really overly complicated boot process again. And you must have an external display and keyboard? At least it's partially working. Hopefully soon to be fully working For a laptop, which will be used while, you know, not in the home or office... those external keyboard and displays will not usually be available
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