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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by CainSyris
Panasonic AE1000U shot at 149" diagonal for my home theater. Toshiba XA2 and PS3 through a Denon 4306 into the Panny projector, HDMI all the way. Waiting on a JVC RS1.

For my PC, Dell 3007. PowerDVD Ultra 7, AnyDVD HD and an Xbox 360 add-on are good company to it. Looking forward to the Pioneer BD-ROM that's coming in the next few weeks. Never doubt the flexibility of a long, long HDMI cable run to a secondary HDMI port on a projector...

Then there's the Sony 32" my Wii and PS2 are connected to...
How is that PJ? I've seen the reviews for it and it sounds like it is another great leap over the 900U. What screen, throw distance, sitting distance do you have? How is the brightness? I know they released the ae-100U to replace the 900U and added brightness, but for some reason the 1000U they dimmed back down again.
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