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Default Re: 8800 series card + X-Plane = NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 30, L1

Originally Posted by alpilotx
Another idea: how are you temperatures on the graphics card? nvidia-settings shows it. Maybe it is a temperature related problem (as suggested by the phenomenon, that you sometimes can up the rendering settings to may, and only after a while do the weired shapes appear).
Thanks for the suggestion alpilotx. That's what I was wondering when this started happening and I monitored the GPU temp as I pushed the card to the extreme. The temp maxed out at 72C and the temp monitor indicated that slowdown would begin at 101C. The idle temp was 64-66C.

I am curious if nvidia has some test utilities to run on the card.

I am also thinking about reverting back to the old driver even if there were potential lock-ups I could still use X-plane (if I avoided the locations and settings that have been described in this thread).

Maybe I should try a newer kernel with the new drivers.

I have MS FSX but don't like it as well as X-Plane, but if this is a hardware problem, it should show up in Windows also.
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