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Default Dual boot question..

I just got my new HD and i'm going to put 98SE on one partition and XP on another.

Question when I install my games on 98SE (hince XP still has issues with some games) do I have to install them in the XP partition also if I want to play them when I'm in XP? Silly question I think but I never had a partition before so I would assume it's like having 2 different OS on one drive.

Also there was a liknk here I believe like 2 weeks ago that had to do with an XP tweaking guide. I was pretty indepth. I can't find it and I been trying to get my grubby little hands on stuff like this so I can see what people have been doing to get make sure XP runs at it's best. Service pack 1 hopefully will be out soon so I don't have headaches like some folks had with XP. Was it nvnews that had that XP guide??

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