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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Sigh. Look at a real world example. John Carmack said that NV30 ran the ARB2 path 50% slower than an R300 did. NV30 is using FP32, and R300 is using FP24. Now ask yourself why a 33% increase in precision would drop performance by 50%?
Did you read my post?

I said optimizations is the aspect where nvidia hardware shines, not standard instructions (like the ARB2)! We all know that the nv3x is slow in ARB2 but we also all know that Doom3 won't use ARB2 to render the graphics on nv3x hardware. So what is the problem besides 3dmark03 using standard code?

Isn't it obvious, the nv3x is faster in real-life games (except in SplinterCell) and the Radeons are faster in 3dmark03. So what do you want to play? games or 3dmark?

Anyway, if 16-bit color (65535 colors) is twice the precision of 8-bit (256 colors), yes , in that case FP32 is 33% more precision than FP24. Just why does FP32 have 256 times more colors available for rendering than FP24? It's certainly only for marketing like 32-bit colors in current games
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