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Originally posted by StealthHawk
GAMES optimize. ie, the coders who write the game are the ones optimizing. nvidia shouldn't be able to "optimize" whatever way they choose, because it is not their place to be doing such "optimization."

...nvidia does the same thing with Cg.
no, Cg is not an optimization kit or whatever you want to call it. Far from that. Cg is a tool to develop high-quality shader using high-level language, but you can't optimize your game, read: your games won't run faster when using Cg

So, if hardware vendors are not allowed to optimize their drivers (that's what you have been saying in your post), than I'm really wondering what the ATI and nvidia driver coder are doing all day long.. bug fixes? ATI maybe yes

You don't seem to know that ATI and nvidia have both special teams working on the drivers which only purpose is to optimize the drivers for one particular game! That's how it works this day.

anyway, seems that some people are more eagerly trying to get a GF FX 5900 Ultra now than ever before:


current bid is 900$

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