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Default Problems with nvidia driver >1.0-3123


my computer freezes when im trying to start X with versions >1.0-3123, however this wasnt the case with the old one 1.0-3123.
I tried to compile the old one but i cant anymore with my newly installed system therefore i tried even to downgrade my gcc to 3.2.1, had no effect at all .

kernel modul still crashes with (glx works fine):
nv.c: In function `nv_get_phys_address':
nv.c:2182: warning: implicit declaration of function `pte_offset'
nv.c:2182: invalid type argument of `unary *'
make: *** [nv.o] Error 1

I'm unable to provide u with any log files coz X hadnt the time to write them, it just freezes...

Is there a patch available which fix this prob so i can use the old one?



Linux 2.4.20-gentoo-r5 #1 SMP i686
AMD AthlonXP 2000+
Nvidia Geforce3 MSI Ti200
Soyo Dragon Plus Mainboard
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