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Default No resolution beyond 1152x864 with 3d acceleration!

Hi all!

I have SUSE 8.2 and a GeForce Ti 4200 from MSI
After installing the drivers (1.0-4363 that is) everything worked more or less fine, until I activated 3d acceleration. I'm using a 1400x1050 resolution (on a 22" screen that's appropriate).
So after activating 3d and restarting I had a 1152x864 resolution and a 1400x1050 desktop on which I could scroll around. I have not activated the virtual resolution feature in SaX2 (if I activate it and set physical equal virtual resolution eqal 1400* it makes no difference!).
Some tests showed that independent of the defined resolution the screen would not go beyond 1152x864. Also, the Screen rotate and resize (krandrtray) utility I used to switch resolutions invariably crashes. If I use 1152x864 or lower as regular resolution everything works fine - but that's definitly no fun.
All problems immediately vanish if I disable 3d acceleration in SaX2 (except of course there's no acceleration anymore...)

One more thing: I'm a NEWBIE, meaning I'v installed my first Linux two weeks ago and have not much experience except from a lot of troubleshooting since then - so please talk slowly



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