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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

From what I've read, its too big to fit in the thermaltake armor cause of the 25cm side fan...

It has got excellent reviews though.

um, wrong

its a tight fit, but it does fit

so far the the extreme is awesome.

I just got my q6600 up and running.I got in on the tiget direct deal.499.99

heres the new rig

q6600 w/ 120 extreme and 86.5 cfm fan
xfx 680i sli flashed to latest bios.
2 gig ocz pc6400
pc power and cooling 750 wat silencer
x-fi fatalty platinum
thermal armor silver aluminum case

havent attemped any ocing yet, thats coming today.So we shall see
Q6600@3.45ghz w/ultra extreme,on a xfx 680I sli, ocz pc6400,sli'd xfx 8800 gtx, 2 seagate 500 giggers in raid 0,2 samsung 18x sata lightscribe burners, x-fi platinum,pc power and cooling 750 silencer, all wrapped up in a thermaltake armor
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