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Default comment on linux driver, black window, video tearing.

I'll make it short.
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with nvidia support on linux.
but when it compares to intel. intel graphic chip on linux shows no hiccup.

black window bug(beryl): it doesnt affect my system that much. I have to open a LOT of windows (probably dozens different gui applications.) to have the bug show up.
A simple switch to kwin window manager solves the problem, then continue my work.
Anyway, it would be great if Nvidia gets the bug fixed soon.

Video tearing: when playing video with beryl running, video tearing is visible. when i switch to kwin window manager, the video tearing is less noticeable. but still visible on some fast camera panning scenes.
I believe with 'nv' driver it has no tearing issue. AND i'm sure that with old version of nvidia driver(no beryl) it shows no tearing in video either.
I really HOPE Nvidia can get this fix soon.

I would appreciate Nvidia personnels make a reply on my comment.

currently using driver 100 14 06, proceed to update to 11 release. if anything goes wrong I'll post a follow up.

amd x2 4200
2gb ram
7800 256ram
24" dell display 1920x1200
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