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Default Re: comment on linux driver, black window, video tearing.

let me make this clear:

nv (of course no beryl) = no tearing
with old nvidia driver (no beryl) = no tearing

current latest nvidia driver + beryl = tearing (understandable)

current latest nvidia driver ( no beryl) (which is whatever non compositing window manager, in my case kde kwin) = still get minor tearing.
somehow I think it has something to do with the black window bug (lack of memory) just a guess . the bug is here. is a bug report able to show anything?
anyway, pls investigate and fix it.

i'm currently on release 11. no problem so far. virtual console switching works(under kwin of course). I read that 09 release has improved subpixel hinting "renderaccel" and I do notice fonts on my lcd are sharper, which makes font rendering on suse 10.2 even better
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