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Default Re: first display on twinview

Originally Posted by MCMcButtah
Yes, I have this exact problem and it drives me crazy. The most annoying thing is the confirmation dialogue for changing screen resolutions shows up on my secondary crt. I usually leave my crt off and only use it when I need it. But I have to constantly keep turning on my crt to accept confirmation dialogues.
In Gnome, "Alt+Space, M"
In KDE, "Alt+F3, M"
Either of these causes the mouse to jump to the center of the window with a "mover" cursor. Move the mouse to move the app to your screen, click and release to drop the window.

Originally Posted by MCMcButtah
Between that, and my opengl apps being 1/2 across my screen on my primary monitor when fullscreen I am beginning to realize that twinview doesn't really work and is more trouble than it is worth.
That sounds like you either need meta modes defined, you aren't using twinview with the xinerama extensions, or you aren't using twinview at all. Probably you need meta modes.

I have, for example, a meta "1280x1024,1280x1024;1280x1024,null" The second takes effect automagically when I run full screen games (cedega, wine, native, w/e) and leaves the right monitor blank (null) while the game's centered on the left monitor.
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