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That 2000fps for a gf4mx is quite normal. Have a gf4mx420 here and it scores about 1700points. Your friend is very likely using a Geforce4Ti which is a much, much faster card.

And now to feeyo. First thanks for using my nvclock
For SBA/FW nvclock Unsupported/Supported means the following. When it shows supported it tells that the motherboard supports SBA/FW else it shows unsupported. If SBA/FW are supported it doesn't have to be enabled. These features are very unstable and don't give a real performance boost. (especially unstable on Via K*133*/appolo pro133* boards)

You can enable these features by editing os-registry.c of the nvidia kernel module or by adding some options to /etc/modules.conf. (look up the names in os-registry.c)
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