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Default Re: Fullscreen problem in text mode

So let me see. I followed this instruction

----- quote -----
a) Please always include a copy of an nvidia-bug-report.log file, which can be generated with the `` script shipped with the NVIDIA Linux/FreeBSD graphics drivers and installed in your PATH; the log file will be placed in the current working directory. To make sure this log file includes as much relevant information as possible, please start the X server with `startx -- -logverbose 6` and run `` after the problem has occurred. If X can not be started or the machine appears to have crashed, please check if you can log into it remotely (e.g. via ssh or telnet) and run `` in the remote shell, if possible. If the machine can not be logged into remotely, please run the bug report script with X running (this will ensure that data points only available when the device is initialized, such as the VBIOS revision, are captured in the log file).
----- unquote -----

As you can see, I learn a bit every day ;-).

Hope this is better now.


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