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Default Re: comment on linux driver, black window, video tearing.

Originally Posted by MCMcButtah
I am unable to use beryl/compiz because of the tearing issue. I had assumed this was a problem with beryl/compiz because they are beta. You are suggesting that this in an nvidia bug? Is there any chipset out there that allows smooth 1080i playback with compiz/beryl? I am building a new pc and was going to buy nvidia, but might change my mind based on this as I am more interested in video playback performance more than anything else.
when using beryl, tearing is not noticeable anywhere but video playback. it's not as severe as ati(thats right it's ati...) but definitely visible.
when i switch to kwin (NO Beryl), minor tearing is visible on some scenes (camera panning, frames change...stuff like that on dvd, movie files...) it's not serious but still an issue.

on laptop, the best is intel, then nvidia.(intel means no serious gaming)
on desktop, we are pretty much stuck with nvidia simply because ati really sucks.

get used to it. linux will always be the second citizen when it comes to commercial support. it's not like linux has 90% of desktop market share, nor linux has it's proprietary hardware(mac cough)

PS: folks who wanna do 'ctrl alt Fn' and power manage standby/suspend PLS turn beryl off first.
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