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Default Re: 6200 PCI For HL2?

My system, which I received as a free gift (ex-business hardware):

Dell Dimension 2400
P4 2.8G Northwood
512mb PC2700 (orig. 256mb)
PNY Geforce 6200 256MB DDR2 PCI

Overclocked the 6200 to 320/660 (from 300/532), disabled or removed unused hardware eg. PCI modem, network card, 3.5" floppy drive, COM1 and LPT1, etc., defragmented hard drive.

I run HL2 @ 1024x768, 2xAA, 16xAF, shaders, models and textures set to High, no Vsync, no HDR. I get an average of 40fps with highs of 55 or so, dropping to mid-20s at the worst. I also heavily tweaked HL2 through the console.

Don't listen to the smug, sniffy reviews of PCI cards. If it's cost-effective, and you can get a good card (6200, X1300 and - preferably - X1550 PCI), you can get a lot out of them.
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