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Default Re: Need help with OC...

Originally Posted by Saintster
You may want to try and up the pci ,fsb, and nothbridge voltages up 0.1 v. The cpu volts look good see mine in sig. The rebooting is somethin in your overclock is failing during the boot sequence it may be those voltages that I mentioned. I would up those voltages and let your memory run at auto if those are not the stock settings. If the memory is at stock timings loosen them up and take the memory our out of the equation. Being that you can run ortos for eight hours i think they are from one or all of those voltages being too low try bumping the voltages that i mentioned up0.1v. Good luck

Thanks for the reply, I've done that but one question. Why do i need to increase the PCI voltage? because i have set the PCIe to 100mhz, its not OC'ed.

Since boot failure occurs areund ~ 2 out of 10 tries i have to wait until i can confirm its fixed.
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