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Default Re: 2D rendering slowdown on suspend (NVIDIA NVS 140M, Thinkpad R61)

CPU speed remains the same; as I said, actual system performance is unchanged, only the video drawing speed in X changes. For example, text apps perform as they should over an SSH connection, but just trying to run top in konsole will slow the system to a crawl in X locally after a suspend.

Restarting X fixes the problem after suspend -- there is no need to reload or unload the module, though doing so and then restarting X does not affect the appearance of the behavior on the next suspend to RAM. Unfortunately having to reload X basically defeats the purpose of suspending :- /

Although I don't know much about the nvidia driver, it's like it's going into some kind of low power state during the suspend and then not coming out of it on resume, and the X reset fixes that. Thinking about CPU frequencies, I also checked the GPU frequencies with coolbits, and they also remain correct after the suspend.

Thank you for your response! Let me know if there is additional data or logs that would be helpful. This is the latest release of X, but I can build X from development sources if that would help eliminate sources of problems.
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