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Default Re: Need help with OC...

Originally Posted by kam03
Thanks for the reply, I've done that but one question. Why do i need to increase the PCI voltage? because i have set the PCIe to 100mhz, its not OC'ed.

Since boot failure occurs areund ~ 2 out of 10 tries i have to wait until i can confirm its fixed.
Since we have close to the same set up i was giving you my set ups in the bios. I had the same problem and adjusting these settings helped. Although it may have just been the fsb and the bump in v core that kept it stable. Here's my settings
DDR2/DDR3 overvoltage 0.2
PCI-e overvoltage 0.1
fdb ov 0.1
(G) MC overvoltage control 0.1
v core 1.45
Maybe just go with the fsb bump and see what happens. I'm thinking the pci-e overvoltage is to keep those devices stable when large fsb increases come into play. I'm not positive though. Good Luck
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