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Default Re: Problems with twinview and opengl games

Amarok suggests you might be a kde user, which makes it much less likey to be a window manager problem.

I have noticed some games actually work correctly. Starcraft using the latest wine seems too, doom 3 current patch is ok, but urban terror and quake 4 (latest) both have the problem. Savage is even worse, and that doesnt even let you move the mouse over to get the rest on screen.

Currently i have urban terror and quake IV running in windowed mode, using devilspie to undecorate/fullscreen/on top them which kind of hacks over the bug, but that limits my choice of window manager to metacity as thats the only one i can find that works correctly, compiz for instance just fails horrifically in a gaming environment.

Hopefully when xrandr 1.2 support is implemented it will be possible to script the monitor deactivation better to work aroud this issue, i would do that now using the nvidia-settings tool, but that ends up making my gnome panels cover 2 screens, and window maximisation etc. cover both screens.
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