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Default regression in 100.14.xx

System is Mandriva 2007.1 with kernel 2.6.17-5mdv. Athlon 2700XP processor. SVGA 7800GS AGP video card. Xorg 7.2.0.

Running beryl 0.20 with KDE 3.5.6.

Basic problem is gradual slowdown of Xorg over time with X taking progressively more cpu cycles. Beryl also takes steadily more RAM over time. Workaround has been to occasionally restart beryl from the beryl-settings menu in the tray.

With the advent of 100.14.xx (both 09 and 11 are affected), restarting beryl no longer works. When an attempt is made to restart beryl, X hangs, apparently using all the CPU. System is not hung but user interface is; can be recovered by ssh from another machine to kill X.

I have reverted to driver 9755 to make the problem vanish.

Cause of the slowdown of X is unknown, but clearly the inability to restart beryl is associated with the driver.
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