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Default Re: Nvidia driver with ubuntu.

Originally Posted by Israfel_21
The change file permission thing can be done in Kubuntu 7.04 x86_64?

Originally Posted by Israfel_21
Because its the system I have right now with a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS AGP.
about vmware, i have it installed in my system. do I have to purge it to make nvidia drivers work?
If you try to install the nvidia driver in a Virtual Machine, you will have no luck.

See what Adam wrote.

Originally Posted by adamk75
vmware provides it's own virtualized video card to the guest operating systems running on it. You may physically have an nvidia card in your box, but the guest operating systems don't have access to it.

p.s. I uninstalled the drivers with Synaptics and had no problems so far.
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